Jan 19, 2011

Two good 45's

Let's start things up with these two very nice (and cheap, too) 45's I just got.

First one is a Lou Josie 45 on Sol Rabinowitz's Baton label from New York. The record was reviewed in Billboard on April 13, 1959:

The reviewer thinks the ballad is the more important side. It's a good one, all right. It reminds me a little of the songs written by Ray Doggett.

Listen: Lonely Years

Lou Josie was born in 1938 in Medina, Ohio. His first two 45's were released on Argo label in 1958. Third one came on New York based Herald label under pseudonym Jimmie King. This Baton 45 was his fourth. After that his fifth 45 was released around 1962 on CRC label again as Jimmie King.
The rockin' side of the Baton single sounds a little like Huey "Piano" Smith's Don't You Just Know It. It's a  good rock'n'roll track that hasn't been reissued.

Listen I'm A Gonna Get-Cha

The other 45 is by the North Carolina group The Chavis Brothers. From 1965, released on Ascot label from New York and custom pressed by Columbia, Humpty Dumpty is a nice garage style rocker.

Listen Humpty Dumpty

The flip side is a slow one. The Ascot 45 was produced by Bill Justis.

Listen Torture Me

More about The Chavis Brothers can be found on RCS.

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