Oct 14, 2011

Grady Owen (songs by Howard Hausey, part 3)

It's been awhile since my last post, but here I go again!

A couple of days ago was 40th anniversary of Gene Vincent's death. In 1958 one of his Blue Caps, Paul Peek, left the band and was replaced by Grady Owen. There's a good biography of Grady at the Rockabilly Hall Of Fame page.

The two records he made for Fort Worth, Texas Sandeb label are from mid-1960's (around 1963-66). I don't know who operated the label but there were releases by other Dallas area artists such as Ray Chaney and Ronnie Dawson. The first one was 36 From Dallas/Two Walls (Sandeb DLC-712/713). Two Walls was written by Howard Hausey.This time I have added all tracks from Owen's both Sandeb 45's.

Hear 36 From Dallas


Hear Two Walls

The second 45 was Laugh On Three/Two Walls (Sandeb DLC-714/715). Both versions of Two Walls are identical. Two Walls was also recorded by Johnny Goff on Bo-Kay label in 1966 (produced by Jesse Smith and Howard Crockett).

Hear Laugh On Three