Oct 14, 2011

Grady Owen (songs by Howard Hausey, part 3)

It's been awhile since my last post, but here I go again!

A couple of days ago was 40th anniversary of Gene Vincent's death. In 1958 one of his Blue Caps, Paul Peek, left the band and was replaced by Grady Owen. There's a good biography of Grady at the Rockabilly Hall Of Fame page.

The two records he made for Fort Worth, Texas Sandeb label are from mid-1960's (around 1963-66). I don't know who operated the label but there were releases by other Dallas area artists such as Ray Chaney and Ronnie Dawson. The first one was 36 From Dallas/Two Walls (Sandeb DLC-712/713). Two Walls was written by Howard Hausey.This time I have added all tracks from Owen's both Sandeb 45's.

Hear 36 From Dallas


Hear Two Walls

The second 45 was Laugh On Three/Two Walls (Sandeb DLC-714/715). Both versions of Two Walls are identical. Two Walls was also recorded by Johnny Goff on Bo-Kay label in 1966 (produced by Jesse Smith and Howard Crockett).

Hear Laugh On Three


Mellow said...

Is "Wayne Waller" on "36 from Dallas" a misprint? Possibly Wayne Walker?

P. Koskela said...

According to BMI, it was written by Wayne D. Wallar.

Christopher Owen said...

Grady also had a third 45 on the Sandeb label. It contained the song "Blue Driver," (also by Wayne Waller) with Two Walls on the B-side.

Chris Owen

P. Koskela said...

Thanks Chris. What's the number of that 45?

DrunkenHobo said...

Helton (TN) 45 - 102 Grady Owen - Vietnam Blues / "36" From Dallas (1965) Not sure which came first? any ideas But the MP3 file I have for the Helton version sounds the same as your "36 From Dallas. But I'm not sure were I found it so it may be the Sandeb version? Hope this helps

Christopher Owen said...

I just dug out the 45 and the number for Blue Driver is DLC-711. I was also wrong about the flip side. It's not Two Walls, but another song Called "I'm Losing Everything," Sung by Grady Owen and written my him and Jimmy Crisp. (DLC-710) Other Information on the disk is an address for SANDEB, 4704 Parrish Road, Fort Worth, TX, and the words "Arranged by Marvin Montgomery, Bill Hudson Guitar."
I have both of the other SANDEB 45s you list, as well as a fourth Grady Owen 45, on the Sanshel lable, with the songs Cold Scraps and Nashville Town. (On this disk, Grady is singing as "Dean Autry," an attempt to capture the novelty market I was told).

Ronnye Gayle said...

Wayne D Wallar was my grandfather and he did in fact write the song, "36 from Dallas" shown here. He was a truck driver when he wrote this song. He also had his own 45 with this song on it and on the b-side was "Dark Days of December" which he wrote when his wife was dying of Leukemia. I had my own copy of his 45 when I was a child, Grandpa had moved to CO and I didn't get to see him much, so used to listen to this song (his recording) all the time.

Christopher Owen said...

Hi Ronnye. Your grandfather, Wayne Wallar, also wrote the song "Blue Driver," recorded by my uncle, Grady Owen, on the 45 I mentioned above. I also never saw my uncle much as a child, but listened to his 45s all the time.

Ronnye Gayle said...

Hi Chris,

My mom, Karen Wallar, knew your Uncle Grady and tried to send you an email but it was returned. She wanted an address to write to Grady... Also, she corrected me on "Dark Days of December" which was written around 63-65, long before Grandma was sick.

She said Grady used to come to the house in Arlington and Grandpa and him would play together... (Mom had a crush on him...lol)

Christopher Owen said...

Hey Ronnye, sorry your mom couldn't get in touch with me. Must have been an old email address. Unfortunately, Grady passed away back in 1999. If you or your mom would like more info, or copies of your Grandfather's songs as sung by Grady, feel free to contact me at owenkit(at)sbcglobal(dot)com.