Apr 2, 2011

Cecil McCullough (songs by Howard Hausey, part 2)

Cecil McCullough's Manco 45 is one of the greatest in Texas rockabilly. It was recorded around 1959-60 in Dallas or Fort Worth. He remembers that the backing group, The Border Boys, consisted of Marvin Montgomery on guitar, Ken Cobb on bass and Johnny Bobby Wadsworth on drums. I don't know who played the piano.

Both sides of his Manco 45 were written by Howard Hausey and Cecil McCullough. I don't think it sold very well because it turns up seldom on record auctions. Both sides were reissued on late Bob Jones' Detour label in UK in early 1980's.

Sadly, this was his only release on Manco label. Some sources claim that McCullough played guitar with Howard Crockett's band.

Hear Pick 'Em Up And Shake 'Em Up by Cecil McCullough

Hear Nothing Else To Lose by Cecil McCullough

A few years ago I stumbled across a 45 record on Tropic label from Fort Worth by Cecil Lang. On the top side of that record is a guitar instrumental called Bandito written by J. & C. McCullough. On the flip side is an instrumental version of Spanish Lace And Memories, which Howard Crockett recorded for Mel-O-Dy label in 1964. I am pretty sure Cecil Lang is actually Cecil McCullough.

Hear Spanish Lace And Memories by Cecil Lang

One 45 by Terry White on Bo-Kay label in 1966 was arranged by Cecil McCullough and both sides of that record were written by Howard Hausey.