Jan 20, 2011

The Country Kings EP on Empire Records

This here is an EP from Washington, DC Empire records, owned by local DC record entrepreneur Ben Adelman. Adelman worked with both Patsy Cline and Marvin Rainwater early in their careers. The vocalists on this EP are most probably DC artists. Wade Holmes also recorded for 4 Star label in mid-50's. Other singers are unknown to me. I don't think the Eddie Marvin here is the same guy who recorded I'm Packing My Duds & I'm Head-in South for Oakridge Records in Oklahoma.
This EP was released in 1960 and some copies had picture sleeve as well. Sadly, my copy is not one of those.

Listen Honey Baby (vocal - Wade Holmes)

Listen I Need Your Love (vocal - Eddie Marvin - Roy Irvin)

Listen You Can't Hide From Yourself (vocal - Pete Potter - Eddie Marvin)

Listen I'll Just Pretend (vocal - Eddie Marvin)


Anonymous said...

Thanks these are great !

Mellow said...

"Honey Baby" by Wade Holmes is another version of the great "Crawdad Hole" song!

Anonymous said...

Pete Potter was my father. Where did you get a copy of this record? We lost ours years ago, and no one has a copy. I would love to get a copy.

Susan Potter Smith

P. Koskela said...

Hi Susan. I bought it off eBay. Can you tell me more about the musical career of your father?

Anonymous said...

I would be happy to email back and forth. Please send me your email addie and I will give you some info. SPS

P. Koskela said...

You can email me at hillbilly.bop@gmail.com